SEISO was established in 2005 in Turkey by a will known businessmen that worked for several years in various areas in Energy, and with the support of our customers and their satisfaction with our products we were able to expand to several areas and several cities. Our goal and our approach is to reach the largest possible number of beneficiaries and publish the great interest of the nature of solar energy system which is one of the most powerful ways of energy.

Solar energy is a reception of sunlight that reaches the ground and convert it into electrical energy
This is done by internal units that store energy in the internal battery that runs by itself without any external interference.
With this infinite energy that gives us liberty and security of the daily needs of renewable energy pollution-free in addition to the provision and reduce our costs to enjoy a brighter future generations . Our products and services are available for homeowners, factories, companies and others.

Our products have high quality standards designed to last long and live in different weather statues and offers several options and different solutions.

SEISO will continue to provide and implement the founding ideas of the future and will strive to improve and prove effective solar technology and strong product



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Through successful trial projects TWA Group developed a hands-on strategy, providing investments with the combined support of finance, resources and intellectual capital.

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