Meat Trading


  • Beef Bull 1. Quality Group A deep-frozen                     
  • Beef Young Bull 1.Quality Group A deep-frozen                         
  • Beef Ox 1. Quality   Group B deep-frozen                                  
  • Beef Cow 1.Quality Group B deep-frozen                               
  • Roast beef deep-frozen 20- 25 Kg carton                      
  • Filet beef deep-frozen 20-   25 Kg carton                  
  • Chicken meet MDM deep-frozen            
  • Chicken cock 900 g - 1500 g                 
  • Lamb meat deeply frozen half pages


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Address: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Alrawda Dist.

Tel: 920002980

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Through successful trial projects TWA Group developed a hands-on strategy, providing investments with the combined support of finance, resources and intellectual capital.

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